Joseph Castillo


ADDRESS: 1614 E 6th St, #110, Austin, TX 78702


“Born in Austin and raised in San Marcos, I grew up watching this great city transform into a mecca of art, food, music, government, and architecture. After finishing school, I knew there was no reason to leave this thriving community. My travels across the country strengthened my love for this city, since I’ve yet to find a city that offers all of what Austin does. Sharing Austin with my friends and family was my absolute favorite pastime, and showing them new restaurants and music venues was my specialty. With new discoveries around every turn, there is nothing I love more than exploring and adventuring in this ever expanding city. It’s truly an honor showing off all of the great things Austin has to offer to my new clients, new friends, and inquiring acquaintances.

"My goal now is to better Austin, and its people by showing them the perfect place to live. This city has so much to offer and, being from here, I want to share it all. At the end of the day, I hope to help you find the same positive environment I’ve found in Austin, the city of endless possibilities."

Thank you so much Joseph!! You have found me my dream apartment! This is my first place living alone and I never thought that I would feel so safe in a community. You helped me in hard times to get my exactly what I wanted. I will be sure to send my friends and family your way to find their dream home!
Abbey Raymond