Shahin Shahrivar


ADDRESS: 1614 E 6th St, #110, Austin, TX 78702


Shahin arrived in Austin from Washington, DC in 2015 on a cross-country road trip and decided to stay. A former high school math teacher, Shahin enjoys turning the home-buying process into a teachable moment, and can effectively ferret out his client's needs with effective questioning. Shahin is passionate about design and high-quality building materials.

Your home is likely to be your largest personal investment. As a graduate of the University of Maryland Business School, Shahin is knowledgeable about the real estate market -- and businesses in general -- and can help his clients make informed decisions. If you are an investor, Shahin can provide a detailed economic analysis of properties and help identify market opportunities. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting; Shahin will help you make the right decisions. He also is certified as Military Relocation Professional (MRP).