Il Brutto - Happy Hour - Mon-Fri 5-7, Sat & Sun 3-5 - Half Off Full Drink Menu

The Deal

Finding a great happy hour can be a bit of a challenge at times and the common $1 off of draft beers doesn't even move the needle. Il Brutto has taken a high value approach to happy hours in Austin, half off of the entire drink menu! You can order anything from a bottle of wine to a signature cocktail and still have it taste so much better knowing it was only half price.

The Drinks

The bar service here is fantastic, Amanda and Jenna have been a staple here for some time and are quite proficient behind the bar. The cocktail list has something for everyone although I most commonly order an old fashioned. You can tell a lot about your bartender by the quality of their classic cocktails, but you won't be disappointed here.

The drink menu at Il Brutto is definitely worth exploring. If you're in the mood for a refreshing cocktail, I highly suggest the Basilico. The highlights for the Basilico include basil and lime, a sparkling vodka based drink served over ice. If you want to venture outside of your normal wheelhouse, give the Bitter Party of One a try. It's an egg white cocktail served up much like a traditional sour. This one has a gin base with lemon and grapefruit to finish it out, making it a very balanced drink.

The Snacks

Since you made it in during happy hour, the kitchen makes sure to take great care of you. After sitting down you'll quickly receive a free snack from the kitchen in the form of home-made pizza or caponata (or another randomly selected item from the menu). If you're lucky enough to try the caponata, an eggplant based anti-pasta, you'll have a hard time not ordering more. Their caponata has an outstanding and truly unique flavor that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world (trust me I've looked throughout Italy). And when you inevitably start exploring their food menu, start with the pappardelle. This pasta dish will always keep you coming back for more, but I'll let you experience this one for yourself.

The Experience

To sum up my many experiences here at Il Brutto, it's always outstanding. You're located in center of east 6th street with a beautiful patio surrounded by endless walkable entertainment. The White Horse, Zilker Brewing, Whisler's, Lazarus Brewing, The Volstead Lounge, and Hotel Vegas just to name a few. And coincidentally, RA Residential is now located right across the street from this fine establishment. Feel free to stop in to discuss your next home purchase or sale, apartment rental, or for other pro-tips about everything East Austin has to offer.

- Rani Alowairdi, Owner / Realtor®